Denise Krijt

Hi everyone, my name is Denise Krijt. In August 2018 I emigrated with my husband Matthias and our two sweet Golden Retriever children Zoë and Raylan to Finestrat (Spain).

People often ask us why we moved here. We want to enjoy the beautiful life as much as possible. Here in Spain we experience a more relaxed atmosphere because of the Spanish mentality. We are more living in the moment with many sunny days. Where could we do this better than at this wonderful place? We have fallen in love with the country with its beautiful nature, the mountains and the sea. That is why we have our dream villa built here.

In the Netherlands I obtained my Bachelor degree in Fashion and Business Management, but after my education and a few jobs in this sector I discovered that this sector didn't make me happy. After this I worked in the administrative sector for a while. In 2013 we set up our own webshop in addition to our full-time jobs. Matthias has been building websites for companies with his company throughout his career, but now thought it was time to open one himself. What started as a "joke", we went for it and it became a success. Partly because of this we are lucky to be able to live wonderfully in Spain and to build a happy and healthy life here.

More about me, I am half Indonesian, so I have been cooking a lot with my mother and grandmother since my childhood. Food has therefore always been very important to me. This is the biggest basis for my love of cooking. Asian cuisine is, of course, as I often say: 'Packed full of flavor'. From an early age, I have learned to cook with fresh ingredients. I remember when Matthias and I were just together, he came to my cousin's birthday and my uncle had made a giant rice table of course. Matthias thought this was great and kept eating. We have now cooked thousands of recipes and we love to spend hours in the kitchen together. This has really become our passion.

Why I started Happy, Fit and Healthy

It started about 4 years ago!

Only 4 years ago I started to experience more and more pains, I had to throw up more often and I had problems with almost every meal. More and more often after dinner I was laying on the couch like a shrimp because of the abdominal pain.

I was not feeling well and my work had become a routine. I didn't have the energy to do even fun things and I slept badly for months. I wanted to lose weight and therefore tried different diets, but none helped to lose weight permanently. It had become a vicious circle that I couldn't break. I was convinced that I had a healthy lifestyle. I ate healthy, always whole grain bread, vegetables, lots of eggs and cottage cheese for the proteins and I worked out a lot.

After many years of having headaches and migraines, I was often sick and I often felt tired. I thought it is what it is, but now I realize that it isn't normal.

I went looking for help with a dietitian. My dietitian advised me to eat more fibers and distribute it well throughout the day. I did this for a few weeks and even started using psyllium fibers, but my complaints only got worse.

At a certain point she thought of a lactose allergy and I had to avoid this. But this too was unsuccessful, with the result that I didn't dare to eat anything anymore at Christmas and New Year's Eve and felt miserable after everything that I ate.

The redemption came almost a year later when I got the result of a hair test that I had done. This showed that I am, among other things, gluten sensitive and allergic to peanuts and egg yolk. While my dietitian had let me eat more whole grain products!

Apparently my so-called healthy diet made me feel more and more miserable and my energy level didn't go up. That is why I started to study really healthy food and I ended up with clean eating.

Clean eating has ensured that I can leave the psyllium fibers and no longer need to use any other supplements. With clean eating you remove gluten, wrong fats and unnecessary sugars from your diet.

I feel fit and more energetic and I want to share this with you and the world.

Clean eating makes me feel fit and I have more energy to do things. I have lost 8 kg, I no longer suffer from migraine attacks and I haven't been sick anymore.

I would like to help everyone to achieve this. Finally I have found my passion in something that I really want to do every day. I like to come up with healthy, delicious recipes made from pure ingredients and better alternatives to the often unhealthy snacks and pastries. This makes me Happy, Fit and Healthy. On this blog I share many tips and tricks and wonderfully, easy and of course also slightly more difficult culinary healthy dishes that are almost 100% clean eating.

Are you also looking for a Happy, Fit and Healthy lifestyle?