Do you also want to lose weight?

Or grow old (painless)?

​Stop dieting and start a healthy clean eating lifestyle.
Only that works for 100%.

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    Feel fit and healthy without following a diet. Without leading hunger and without using supplements.
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    You are literally going to feed your body instead of filling it. You will eat food that will have a positive effect on your entire body.
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    A stronger immune system. Not so often sick or cold. Increased self-confidence. More strength and endurance.

Do you recognize yourself in this?


​The result after a diet is often disappointing
and / or you fall back into old habits?

You're not getting support from family / friends / people around you if you're concerned with your health?

You find "healthy food" often too expensive and not tasty and monotonous?

You find "healthy eating" too much hassle and do'not want to be in the kitchen every day?

The Clean Eating Challenge is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight and grow old healthy (painless), but until now has not succeeded or have fallen back into old habits.

What you're going to learn

  • Eating pure, natural food
  • Avoiding and withdrawing refined sugars
  • How to cook cheaper and time-saving
  • Adopt the Clean eating lifestyle
  • Buy food consciously and read labels
  • That healthy eating can be delicious
  • Develop a positive and healthy mindset

For whom this challenge is perfect

  • Who wants to lose the pounds permanently
  • Who finds healthy food too expensive
  • Who doesn't get support from family / friends
  • Who falls into old "bad" habits time after time
  • Who finds healthy eating time-consuming
  • Who after a vacation can't pick up a healthy life
  • Who doesn't like healthy food

You get everything you need for a Clean Eating lifestyle


4 weeks Clean Eating cookbook / guide

100 recipes spread over 4 weeks

(€ 75,- value)

For every week a complete list with delicious recipes, shopping lists and tips to go for it.

The Meal Prep manual

(€ 20,- value)

Preparing multiple meals in advance doesn't have to take a lot of time. With the right planning, you manage yourself when you have a super busy week. The most important thing is to work efficiently.

“But I don't have time meal prep!”

Many people think they don't have time to meal prep. But if you add up all the time of all the days that you prepare meals, you will see that you spend more time than you would meal prep.

Complete Eat Clean Nutrition List & Shopping tips

(€ 20,- value)

What can you eat?
And what should you pay attention to when shopping?
What to do with the unhealthy food in your kitchen cupboards?

Of course you have to know a lot when you are starting a new lifestyle with only pure ingredients. That is why I have made an E-book for you where you can find all the ingredients and lots of tips for shopping. Print it out and hang it in the kitchen or save it on your phone so you can always reach it quickly.

A meal planner every week

(€ 50,- value)

To make it easy, I made a complete meal planner for each week. You will also receive an empty variant with which you can plan your meals yourself from all the recipes from the challenge.

Motivational E-mails every day


  • These emails will keep you motivated during your Clean Eating Challenge
  • Are greatly appreciated by the challengers
  • Packed with information, inspiration and motivation

Special membership site

(€ 97,- value)

A login especially for you with which you can find all downloads and all recipes for the 28 days.

Access to the private Facebook Group


Share your experiences and find support with members who have the same goal as you.

What is the difference between people on a diet and people who adjust their lifestyle?

A little story about two women in their 40s with both a busy life and hardly any time to exercise decide to tackle their health.

The first woman goes on a diet end adheres to it very strictly. She doesn't eat snacks anymore, counts her calories and loses many kilos, but every day she keeps thinking about a nice pizza or a piece of chocolate. After holding out for 4 weeks and losing 8, she decides to have a cheatday and eats everything she missed the weeks before.

Unfortunately, that has triggered her body for more sugars and secretly eats a piece of chocolate the next day. She felt so guilty that she fell back into her binge eating out of emotion. That's how she again gained weight.

The 2nd woman...

The second woman heard about a Clean Eating lifestyle en registered for a challenge in which she was guided. She cleaned up her kitchen cupboards, removed all bad ready to eat packages and brought all produced food to the garbage. She has turned her mindset to adjust her eating habits and on to feed her body from now on instead of filling it with fast food, chips, soft drinks ready to eat packages.

In the first week she lost 2 kilos and felt more energetic. She went out for dinner, but then opted for natural food, such as a nice piece of meat and delicious grilled vegetables. She ate tasty cupcakes, a pizza, oven dishes and delicious desserts on weekdays. Only these were homemade with raw ingredients and without refined sugars. Everything she ate fed her body and gave her full energy. She has been keeping this up for 1.5 years and has already lost 30 kilos. After a few months of Clean Eating, her blood pressure has dropped enormously and she can lower her medication.

Do you know why?

She could just continue to eat delicious dishes and everything was made in an instant, even though she had a busy life, a family and barely any time for herself. She didn't feel that she was not allowed to eat many things and had to chew on carrots all day. She was able to adapt all her favorite dishes to Clean Eating variants.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

Yes! By simply adjusting your diet and eating clean, you will soon experience various positive changes. I say "simple" because many people think that clean eating is difficult and not tasty. Fortunately the opposite is true. The healthy clean eating recipes are delicious and super easy to prepare.

How is that possible?

With clean eating you will not refrain from eating delicious food, you don't have to exercise a lot or use other methods to lose your excess weight.

With clean eating you're going to feed your body instead of filling it.

You are going to feed your body with delicious fuel, so the real fat burning can begin! By eating clean you enjoy tasty and healthier alternatives and your health gets a boost!

My husband and I have been eating clean on an 80/20 basis. This means that we occasionally have a less healthy meal at the weekend, but with as many better substitutes in the dishes as possible.

During the years I have been working on this, I have done a lot of research and tested hundreds as not thousands of dishes and improved them to a clean eating version. In the meantime I have seen many people around me redecorate with healthy clean eating recipes and a healthier lifestyle.

This led me to develop a 28-day Clean Eating Challenge.

Why? Because it really works and will become a lifestyle that you really enjoy and will not even long for all those sugars and bad habits.

My Online Weight Loss Coach program helps you with the following:



It isn't simply a plan, but a challenge that you take on. You will leave your comfort zone to achieve great results. You will get support and motivated emails from me every step of the way.



By feeding your body you will notice after a few days that you have more energy without ups and downs. Your skin, hair and nails will also look better. Happy, fit and healthy!

Losing weight

You will soon lose a lot of weight. Your fat combustion engine will start very quickly and result in a lot of fat loss. This will also stay away because it's not a crash diet, but a lifestyle that you will continue.

- Suzanne

"From obesity to happy fit and healthy!"

​I am so happy that Denise started with HFH!

Why? Because she has motivated me to change my mindset and lose 35 kgs of fat! And I'm convinced that with this concept she can help a large audience very well! Not only with delicious clean eating recipes and tips on nutrition, but also in terms of mindset and choosing for yourself.

Her passion for food is contagious and her recipes are delicious! You can enjoy every healthy bite and for every purpose you can use the recipes: lose weight, become healthier, fitter and above all be happy with yourself. All three apply to me for which I am very grateful!

What is Clean Eating exactly?

"Clean Eating isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle.
To consume pure natural ingredients."

A Clean eating lifestyle is all about avoiding processed and refined food and about eating pure, natural and fresh food. With Clean eating you are going to feed your body instead of filling it.

Clean eating is about:

  • eating pure, natural food, preferably organic
  • avoiding refined sugars
  • avoiding processed food as much as possible, such as packages 
  • eating lots of fruit and vegetables
  • preparing your meals yourself
  • eating 5 to 6 meals a day
  • baking in olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or a nut oil
  • consciously buy food and read labels
  • limiting soft drinks and alcohol
  • avoiding potatoes, pasta and white rice
  • limit salt intake
  • eating clean as much as possible, a cheat meal once a week

Real Results from our Customers

Don't just believe my story


"From 79kg to 71kg in 28 days"

"I must say that I have never felt as good as now! With my willpower and this program my life and body have changed completely in a very positive way. My waist was 34 and now it's 30 cms, my weight last month was 79 kg and now it's 71 kg Jeeeeeh !!! I sleep much better since this new diet and sweat a lot less. My body was really ready for this."

- Marie-Louise 


"My craving for sweets and junk food has stopped"

"Yes! Thanks Denise for this great insight to learn to eat clean. I feel like a very new 'me'. I'm so happy that I have no problems maintaining this lifestyle for the rest of my life! Thank you thank you!"

- Roy 


"Lower blood pressure and fewer medicines"

"During this challenge with eating clean my blood pressure already dropped. It's really amazing! I consulted with my doctor and I can lower my amount of medication. Whoehoe! And I have also lost 11 kgs so far and I feel a lot more energetic and I have almost no headache anymore, while I had this daily. Highly recommended!"

-  Ivonne

So much value for such a low price...

A great complete package to ensure that you achieve 100% success:

"What is your health worth to you?"

4 weeks Clean Eating cookbook / guide (€ 75,- value)
Meal Prep handbook (€ 20,- value)
Eat Clean food list and shopping tips (€ 25,- value)
Access to the private Facebook community (Priceless!)
Meal planners week 1 till 4 (€ 50,- value)
A motivating e-mail every day ( Rriceless!)
Special membership site (€ 97,- value)

Normal € 267,- in value
+ a priceless value in the private group full of people who have the same goal as you.

Now from € 27,-


It's time to choose for yourself and start to improve your health today. Feel within 28 days Happy, Fit and Healthy! 


"My skin has improved so much!"

"Before I started this challenge I had a very bad skin. Often bumps on my upper arms. These have now visibly decreased and I still feel great! I could never have imagined that this is so easy to maintain with your delicious Denise recipes. Thank you for everything! On to the next month Clean Eating.

- Marieke


"You've changed my life!"

"I lost 6.5 kgs and am able to run for 20 minutes. People even notice it and are very impressed. Thank you Denise, you have changed my life forever."

- Irene 


"Stop making excuses"

"For newcomers who are interested in taking the 28-day challenge, my advice is to just do it! Stop making excuses about why you can't do it, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!"

- Jennifer 

Many of my family, friends and followers have noticed the following health benefits since they have changed their lifestyle:

  • Fitter and more natural energy with fewer high and low values during the day.
  • A stronger immune system. Not so often having a cold or being sick.
  • Stronger and a more radiant skin, hair and nails. - Tip: coconut oil works wonders.
  • Effects similar to "anti-aging." - I'm still estimated very young. Nice bonus.
  • A sexy body.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Less back pain and joint and muscle pain.
  • More strength and endurance.

Your offer ends within:


Start the challenge today!

Whether you are starting today or tomorrow, note the start day in your agenda! Weigh yourself and write it down somewhere, because you will certainly weigh a lot less after the first week than when you started the challenge! That is a guarantee!

Clean Eating Challenge packages


The perfect start to a clean eating lifestyle.

€ 57,-

€ 27,-

  • Clean Eating cookbook with + 100 meals
  • Special membership site
  • Access to the private facebook community

Coaching and tools to achieve your goals.

€ 77,-

€ 57,-

  • Everything from the budget package +
  • 28 complete menu plans
  • 4 maaltijd weekly planners
  • Special membership site
  • Access to the private facebook community
  • Eat Clean nutrition list and shopping tips
  • Shopping lists

100% satisfaction guarantee

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60 Day satisfaction guarantee

You run no risk to try this!

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.* Try the Clean Eating Challenge today.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your decision to participate, let us know within 60 days and you will receive a full refund.

That means that you can try out all meal plans and then still ask for your money back.

You don't run any risk.

"Try this healthy lifestyle for 28 days and I promise you that your body will become healthier, fitter and slimmer. Notice how fast you can do without sugars and how easy it is to maintain this lifestyle."

Don't wait any longer and make sure you feel fitter and healthier than ever!

Love, Denise 
Your Happy, Fit and Healthy Coach


These questions are often asked by other members:

What if I don't know how to cook?

Are the groceries more expensive?

I'm afraid I can't stop eating all the delicious food

​​​Do I have to start the challenge on a fixed date?